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Nice to meet you! Welcome to my blog!

Nice to meet you!

Hello Friends! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Amber and I am currently in the Master of Occupational Therapy program at Eastern Washington University. This website contains my own views and opinions and do not directly affiliate with the university. I am hoping to use this platform as a way to share my experiences and maybe help aspiring occupational therapists through the grad school process and beyond!

My journey to occupational therapy started 3 years ago. I had just finished my contract with the Navy as a photojournalist with the intent of going back to school for nursing. I started taking nursing prerequisites at a local community college and through their program obtained my certification as a nursing assistant. I started working in long term care and, although the job was was rewarding, I did not feel a calling for nursing. Nurses at my facility were there to distribute meds, clean and change wounds, reposition residents, and pretty much do everything for the resident. The therapy side of our facility had residents try to do as much for themselves as possible, they were encouraged to participate in the things that mattered to them, they were encouraged to have autonomy and were living instead of existing. I appreciate what nurses do, they save lives and keep people alive, but I ended up enjoying the therapy side of our facility more and more, finally changing my prerequisites to fit most occupational therapy programs. The prerequisites for OT took me one additional year to complete, in that time I continued to work as a CNA and I shadowed with two occupational therapists, one a pediatric independent business owner and the other a hand therapist at a PT/OT clinic. Most programs have deadlines, and through OTCAS I applied to 8 programs, interviewed with 6, and finally was accepted into my first choice school. I write all of that because I learned it can be a long journey to your dreams, but if you work hard and stay consistent, it is always worth it.

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