My at-home Zoom essentials!

Microsoft pro – this tablet/computer allows me to take handwritten notes if I want to. It’s also very portable, which is perfect for classes.
Whiteboard for studying – this helps me with topics that I think are important because when I handwrite notes I remember them better!
Coffee – I feel like no explanation is needed for this one. It’s just necessary
Planner – I review it in the morning every day and I have a whiteboard that I write down my to do’s for the day on and this helps keep me accountable.
Blue light glasses – we spend a lot of time on zoom, so these help me so much with not getting a headache from all the screen time. Mine are also prescription, I actually got them really cheap on
Oil diffuser – I think this helps set a nice relaxing mood and I usually do scents like peppermint and eucalyptus, which I think help keep me focused during class.
Yoga ball – since we do spend a lot of time on online I think that this helps me with working my proprioception and it keeps me more focused. Plus it’s fun!
Textbook for that class – I like to reference what the teacher is saying. Having the textbook there actually gives me something to do so that I am staying focused during zoom classes. And referring to it also helps deepen my knowledge.
Voice recorder – there are so many times when I need to listen again to what the teacher was saying so I record all of my lectures, with the teachers permission. This also helps me when I’m studying, I can look back over what they were saying. I actually have a study method that I’ll show you later.
External hard drive – I don’t like to bog down my tablet with too much storage, so I use this to back up all of my files. I arrange everything by the class folder and that’s where I’ll save all of the assignments and power points for that class.
I hope this list helps you also!
What are your essentials?

Zoom Essentials

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